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Ready to step into entrepreneurial nonprofit leadership?

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When you attend this online summit, you can:
• Learn new ways to get that major donor meeting
• Build your fundraising board
• Dissolve your unconscious mental blocks around money to lead your organization to new levels of prosperity
• Use automation techniques to connect with donors that will save you weeks of time in a year
• Discover your strengths in leading and networking as an introvert

• Find the hidden planned giving donors in your database
• Become more entrepreneurial in your fundraising office


If you want to grow your nonprofit in 2019,
Join us at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit.
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For just the low price of $497 -- you get the most powerful fundraising and leadership training ever!
3 Days
of helpful, dynamic speakers from all areas of the nonprofit world.
  CFRE Credits
We are working on CFRE credits and we will get back to you. 
Insider secrets
on how to create a fundraising board, how to get board members to help with major gifts, sustainer giving recruitment and retention, and how to respond when plan A doesn't work out!
12 Sessions
focused on helping YOU succeed in growing your donor's loyalty, keeping your revenue flowing, and planning for funding cuts.
Expert advice
from top-rated national leaders on how to create better relationships with funders, get more major donors, find new board members, achieve a growth mindset, become a better leader and MORE!
A 6 Module e-course on how to get a bigger sponsorship, and a 4 module e-course on Fundraising Planning.
Here's our online nonprofit leadership summit for you!

Three days of dynamic speakers from all areas of the nonprofit world.

12 sessions focused on helping YOU succeed in your fundraising and leadership, whatever that looks like for you.

CFRE Credits from CFRE International for taking the summit, AND for taking the included e-course on fundraising planning. (Working on this, stay tuned!)

Expert advice from top-rated national leaders on how to get that major donor meeting, automate your marketing, and be a better manager, not just leader.

Insider secrets on how to decide which programs to keep-and which ones you can let go of. 

Free webinar recording on Crucial Year End Giving tactics-Top rated by Guidestar attendees!

A 4 Week Fundraising Planning e-course worth $197 PLUS a 6 week e-course on Getting A Bigger Sponsorship worth $197 as well! 

All conference recordings so that you can watch and learn when it's convenient for you. And you get to keep them, forever!

It's such a deal.

If you had to pay for all of these webinars and e-courses separately, you'd pay over $2,000!  But we're only charging $497 until August 30th.

This is such a ridiculous deal for three full days of presentations, plus an e-course, plus webinar recordings to help you find more major donors, plus CFRE credits.

And you will learn so much that you can instantly apply to your fundraising, and get a 500% return on investment. 

Take advantage of this incredible deal and act now! 
What's our track record?
Will we help you get CONCRETE results because you attended the Nonprofit Leadership Summit? Read what some students have said below.
I loved every single session; This by far the most exciting and fulfilling summit I have ever done.
Diane Hayes, Breast Cancer Action
The presenters' great enthusiasm inspired me to take action!
Judy Rouse, Executive Director, Texas

I learned tools that I think are invaluable and I cannot wait to bring this to our Board's sustainability group. Kishshana Palmer was a rockstar! Super engaging and a ton of great information to take in. Mazarine is just fabulous! I've seen some of the tools she showed before, but it was a kick to start really using these tools to streamline my everyday crazy schedule and really decide what was priority.

Some of this will (hopefully) help me really push our organization to developing a strong donor base that has been such a huge missed opportunity!

-Kristina Chenault, Community Outreach Coordinator, P2 Collaborative of Western New York, West Seneca, NY

CEO, The Lean Nonprofit
Founder, Wright Approach Marketing

Kishshana Palmer
Building a Board You Love
Monday, September 24, 2018
8:15am-9:15am PT (11:15am-12:15pm ET)
No matter how many times you read about, talk about it and lament over it; building a board that understands how to govern and also wants  to champion your organization is no easy feat. As the chief executive, it can be frustrating, time consuming and soul sucking (if we're being honest).  But that ends today! It is possible to recruit a board that governs with joy, gives you space to lead and creates a lasting partnership that supports the growth and sustainability of your organization. 
In this session, you will learn:
--The Three Things You need to do as a Chief Executive to Build a Board You Love
--The Three Things Your board needs to do to feel successful
--What you can do right now to turn your board into ambassadors and your "bosses" into your partners 

Sarai Johnson
Live Into It: 3 Steps to Radical Living and Leadership for Audacious Souls
Monday, September 24, 2018
10am-11am PT (1pm-2pm ET)

Old traditions of leadership would have us believe that to lead well, we must do more with less, martyr ourselves for a cause, and work harder than everyone around us. This old way leads us to burnout, depression, despair, and, ultimately, getting out of the game altogether - if we don't die first. But what if true leadership flows from a place of wholeness and love? What if we could leave behind old ways of believing, behaving, and being to build a life we don't need to escape from - so we can embody all the amazing values we say with our mouths and post on our Instagram accounts, in order to lead from a place of radical love? 

This workshop will:
  1. Help you learn to recognize when something needs to change in your beliefs, behaviors, or being so you can make the daring and caring choice to Leave in Love, and know how to do it without burning out or burning things down;
  2. Show you the elements to building a life you don't need to escape from so you can Live in Love;  
  3. Provide a vision for "returning with the elixir" - bringing your entire self to the work of leadership - which requires that we constantly become better and better versions of ourselves - so you can Lead in Love without burning out or selling out.

Ellen Bristol
Hidden Assets for Fundraising Effectiveness - Your Management Practices
Monday, September 24, 2018
12pm-1pm PT (3pm-4pm ET)
Struggling to improve fundraising results? Don’t blame it on your people. Don’t even blame it on your donor-management software (well, maybe a little) or whether you’ve embraced the latest hot-off-the-presses cool new app or event trick. Look at how you manage your fundraising efforts instead. You might be making some unwarranted, counter-productive assumptions hurting your fundraising.

Great management practices make it easier for staff to succeed, by removing obstacles and providing tools and resources needed to achieve success. In fundraising, many of those all-important tools are MIA – missing in action. Here are a few you’ll be able to put in place right away:

--The pipeline model – breaking down gift-cultivation into manageable steps
--Ideal-donor profiles – improving your ability to know which funders justify more (or less) attention, and when
--Performance metrics - making sure your fundraisers know what’s expected of them at work every day
--Regular performance reviews – supportive meetings and encourage make a huge difference

Organizations embracing these practices outperform those who don’t, often by as much as 40% in a single year. They also retain their fundraisers much longer, saving the enormous costs and hassle of replacement.

Ellen Bristol has been working with nonprofit and for-profit revenue-generating departments for over forty years. Her experience and research prove the benefits of adopting thoughtful management practices. She’s the developer of the innovative fundraising methodology Fundraising the SMART Way™, and this year she introduces SMART Way Analytics™, a software application automating the methodology to make it easier to use and more accessible.

You’re invited to complete our Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising, a free on-line survey. Submit yours by Sept. 18, and we’ll include your responses (anonymously!) in our presentation.

Jon Wright
Finding the Hidden Planned Giving Donors in Your Database
Monday, September 24, 2018
1:30pm PT-2:30pm PT (4:30-5:30pm ET)

 With the average bequest gift in the US being worth $35,000, are you doing the most to identify and nurture relationships with donors who may be interested in leaving a gift in their Will?

Do you know the donors in your database? 

Experience working with a broad range of charities in the Australian market place has helped us develop effective techniques to significantly grow our clients knowledge of their donor files and the likelihood they may leave a Planned Gift in their Will.  The webinar will help you understand the techniques used to grow and develop your own list of bequest prospects, helping to ensure significant long term growth for your organisation

Participants will learn

  • Why your current donors provide best source of leads for Planned Giving
  • The key attributes in your data that can help you identify donors with greater likelihood to leave a gift in their Will
  • How building a prospect score can improve the effectiveness of your Planned Giving Program
  • A step by Step guide to show you how to build a Bequest Prospecting Score that works
  • How using the Prospect Score has helped other charities



Della Rae

Resilient Leadership

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
8am-9am PT (11am-12pm ET)
When we consider the total hours of our lives spent working, it’s no wonder that this experience can have a serious impact over time on our health and well-being.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a quarter of all employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives.  “Many of us now work in constantly connected, always-on, highly demanding work cultures where stress and the risk of burnout are widespread. Since the pace and intensity of contemporary work culture are not likely to change, it’s more important than ever to build resilience skills to effectively navigate your work life.” The Harvard Business Review 2016
This session will offer you insight and tactics toward actualizing a more rewarding and resilient workplace experience. We will cover the following elements:
-          Identify and lead with your values
-          Sharpen your listening and resolve skills
-          Managing up 

Denechia “Neesha” Powell-Twagirumukiza
Decolonizing Our Nonprofits
Monday, September 24, 2018
10am-11am PT (1pm-2pm ET)

In this presentation, Denechia “Neesha” Powell-Twagirumukiza of Carolyn Peruth Coaching & Consulting will elaborate on the principles featured in their article, “3 Ways to Decolonize Your Nonprofit As Told By A Black Queer Feminist Organizer”, which has been shared internationally from the Everyday Feminism website. 

During this session, participants will:

-- Explore how fostering a culture of abundance, collectivism, and transformative justice/community accountability can transform nonprofits and community-based organizations into ‘decolonizing spaces’.

-- Apply “decolonizing nonprofits” principles in order to problem-solve common experiences of racism, queerphobia, transphobia and other forms of oppression at nonprofits and CBOs.

-- Draw from personal experiences and knowledge to develop their own principles for decolonizing nonprofits. 

Justin Handley

How to be more entrepreneurial in your nonprofit using marketing automation

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
12pm-1pm PT (3pm-4pm ET)
What do you do when a new donation comes in? Do you have stacks of thank you notes waiting to be written? For those of us who have few systems, it can be a chore to respond to yet another new donor. That is about to change.

Automated Marketing. What's in it for you?
Why do you have to email donors one by one, when you could email your donors all at once? What if you could tie someone's survey answers to their donor record, and their visits to your donation page too? What if there were a way to make this all happen seamlessly, allowing you to find out your donor's values, and nurture donor relationships without having to put in a ton of effort?

Come to this session and learn:
--How to create automated emails your donors will love
--Survey questions to help you find out what your donors will give to
--What A/B testing can do for your donate page
--How to create a culture of experimentation in your nonprofit communications department
--Tips on how you can bring all your systems together, streamline and succeed on a shoestring


Kristen Kennedy

How to get the meeting with your major donor

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
1:30pm PT-2:30pm PT (4:30-5:30pm ET)

In this session we’ll cover cold calling, scripts, and more to help you get the face-to-face meeting and make your case for support with a major donor.  If you’ve ever wondered how to get your foot in the door, attend this session!  You’ll take away strategies for

- Fearlessly making cold calls

- Creating foolproof systems to manage your prospecting efforts

- Energizing yourself and your team to be consistent and persistent with your individual donor plan

Taught by Kristen Kennedy, Director of Development for University of Nevada, Reno, who coldcalls all day long and gets tremendous results! 

DAY 3: September 28th, 2018
Founder, Infinite Beginnings
CEO, Wild Woman Fundraising, Founder, Nonprofit Leadership Summit

Pamela Grow
The Introverted Fundraiser
Friday, September 28, 2018
8am-9am PT (11am-12pm ET)

Have you ever seen someone else take credit for YOUR idea? Or been hesitant to speak up at a board meeting? Maybe you know that you need to make those donor phone calls or face-to-face meetings, but something inside you keeps putting it off.

Researchers estimate that extroverts make up 50 - 74 percent of the population. But you wouldn’t know that based on a society that seems to only value extroverts. And nowhere is extroversion more highly regarded than in the nonprofit sector, particularly in fundraising.

In this session, you’ll discover:

--Easy ways to guide your board and staff, even if you’re not a natural leader
--Best ways to approach person to person meetings
--How to communicate with your donors on a deeper level
--How to use the power of one-to-one
--How your ability to listen can be your secret super power 
--And, most of all, you’ll focus on the benefits and real power of introversion, particularly if you’re a fundraising professional.

Pamela Uppal and Cathy Taylor
Decent Work: Making the Invisible Visible 
Friday, September 28, 2018
9am-10am (12pm-1pm ET)

Your nonprofit is BLEEDING money. According to the Cygnet Research Group's Donor Centered Leadership report, every time a fundraiser leaves, that represents, on average, a $50,000 loss for your nonprofit. Turnover for 3 years running can spell catastrophe for your nonprofit fundraising, and cost you upwards of $400,000. Conversely, when a good fundraiser stays for 3 years, they can make you upwards of $500,000.  It costs 9% of what they make per year to keep your good fundraiser. If you want to save money AND make more money, then you need to learn about Decent Work.

When your nonprofit has constant turnover either in program staff or fundraising staff, your services suffer. Your mission suffers. And your staff suffer. How can we end this suffering? Decent Work.

Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) is mobilizing nonprofits to build a decent work movement in the sector. ONN is the independent network for the 55,000 nonprofits in Ontario, focused on policy, advocacy, and services to strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit sector as a key pillar of our society and economy. In the US, 1 in 10 people work in a nonprofit. That means in the US, nonprofits are a key pillar of our society and economy as well. We need to be looking to this Decent Work initiative to see how we can frame real systemic change here in the US as well.

Attendees will learn about:
-- The Decent Work framework
-- Current research on gender as it relates to the wage gap and leaky leadership in the sector

-- How to apply Decent Work at your nonprofit
-- Dealing with change-resistant board and staff
-- Case Studies of Decent Work

In this workshop we will present our findings on women’s employment experiences in Ontario’s nonprofit sector from our research activities and engage the audience in a discussion about solutions for change at the organizational, network and policy levels.

Marjorie Fine
Everything you wanted to know about foundation program officers and were afraid to ask.
Friday, September 28, 2018
10am-11am PT (1pm-2pm ET)
Join Marjorie Fine, noted former grantmaker and current fundraising trainer and coach, and your colleagues for some learning, sharing, discussion and cheerleading on finding the pleasure and excitement in fundraising from foundations. We will explore writing winning proposals, understanding program officers, how to conduct a funder meeting, build a relationship and share stories-good, bad and ugly. Come with your questions, come ready to laugh, come ready to share and let your hair down but most of all…come!

You'll learn how to: 
--Treat fundraising like organizing
--Practice active listening
--Do your homework
--Work towards yeses avoid nos.


Daniel Hyman
Creative Problem Solving from the Inside Out
Friday, September 28, 2018
12pm-1pm PT (3pm-4pm ET)

Did you know that creativity is not just about painting, playing the piano or writing a poem? 

Creativity is about problem solving.

It’s about seeing things from a higher perspective. It’s about seeing the goodness in people when they are having trouble seeing the goodness in themselves. It’s about connecting with people at their soul level and helping them find the strength inside themselves.

Creativity is about finding new and exciting ways to get new donors.

Creativity is about knowing what changes need to be made, when they need to be made to break free from the limits of your previous success.

Daniel will be not teaching but he will be facilitating a dynamic energy alignment designed to clear your creativity blocks and help you achieve a new realm of inner clarity, inspiration and passion which ultimately leads to your profitability and bottom line. Join us. This presentation can make the difference between surviving and thriving on the way to the top.

Our Speakers
Pamela Grow, Founder, Simple Development Systems

 Pamela has raised hundreds of millions through her consultancy, her weekly Grow Report enewsletter (over 36,000 subscribers), her donor-focused Basics & More online trainings, and the Simple Development Systems coaching program.

A pioneer in creating online training for nonprofit professionals, Pamela created both the first online nonprofit storytelling class in 2010, and the first online nonprofit stewardship training. Partnering with Chris Davenport of the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, she created the landmark program, 100 Donors in 90 Days, and The Donor Retention Project.
Cathy Taylor, Executive Director, Ontario Nonprofit Network

Cathy Taylor has been a member of the ONN team since June 2012. Throughout her 20 years working in the nonprofit sector, including as the founding Executive Director of the Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington, she has been passionate about collaboration and leadership in the sector. Cathy works with sector colleagues from across Ontario and Canada, as well as private sector and government officials, to create an enabling policy environment for nonprofit organizations. Cathy’s roots are in the environmental movement and she has been active in municipal politics. She holds a degree in political studies and history from Queen’s University, and attended the Maytree-York University Executive Directors Leadership program. Outside of work, she enjoys time with her family and her garden in Erin, Ontario.
Denechia "Neesha" Powell-Twagirumukiza co-founder, Carolyn Peruth Coaching & Consulting

Denechia "Neesha" Powell-Twagirumukiza (they & she pronouns) is a Southern queer womanist writer and community organizer who conspires in the name of liberated Black futures, Queer & Trans Black/Indigenous/People of Color power, solidarity economics, and transformative justice/community accountability. They have worked and volunteered at social justice organizations in the Pacific Northwest and the Deep South for nearly a decade.

Denechia is a co-founder of Carolyn Peruth Coaching & Consulting, a Queer & Non-Binary People of Color-owned coaching and consulting group specializing in anti-racist and intersectional feminist social transformation. Their writing has appeared in various publications, including Autostraddle, B*tch, Black Girl Dangerous Blog, Everyday Feminism, For Harriet, the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, and The Establishment. Denechia graduated cum laude from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication.

Della Rae, Self Care Advocate, author of "The Little Book of Self Care"

In 2005, Della Rae co-founded Sisters of the Community (SOC), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit org that connected people who wanted to give household goods with those in need. For her efforts and more, she has received accolades that range from the Safeco Foundation National Hero Award and the Symetra Community Champion Award, to the AFP Outstanding Innovative Project Award and has been featured as a local hero the national publication Family Circle Magazine.

For over four years she lent her leadership to a global women’s nonprofit organization where she directed HR and Administration. Della is certified in Human Resource Management and she knows what it takes to make and sustain a successful workplace culture.
Kishshana Palmer, CEO, Kishshana & Co.

Kishshana Palmer is a national speaker, trainer, and coach with a 16 year background  in fundraising, marketing, and talent management.  She’s a supernova on any stage and platforms due to her charismatic and candid delivery. It doesn’t matter if she’s speaking about philanthropy, living your most authentic life, or diversity, the energy she brings to the stage is always entertaining and edifying.

Kishshana is an adjunct professor at Baruch College and Long Island University,  Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer (CGT) and an AFP Master Trainer.  When an organization wants to grow, find and retain people on their team, raise money, and more she is the philanthropic fairy godmother they have on speed dial. Her work isn’t limited to organizations, she also coaches women entrepreneurs.

Kishshana is a NYC girl and mother of one wonderful pre-teen daughter. In her spare time she’s listening to R&B, reading, serving her community and finding new fabulous clothes to fill up her wardrobe.

Pamela Uppal, Project Lead, A Decent Work Approach: Women's work in the nonprofit sector, Ontario Nonprofit Network

Over the past 10 years, Pamela Uppal has been connecting theory with practice, engaging on three fronts: research initiatives, frontline work, and policy dialogues. She led a nonprofit organization at the University of Toronto, was a frontline worker in family services, built diversity equity and inclusion capacity in the human services, and undertook multiple research projects exploring gender issues in the South Asian community. Currently, she is leading a project for us exploring women’s employment experiences in the nonprofit sector. Pamela also works as a group facilitator and is a board member of Laadliyan. She holds a Master’s degree in Women Studies & Feminist Research from Western University.


Daniel Hyman, Founder, Infinite Beginnings

Daniel Hyman began his spiritual journey in 2007, and ending a successful career in the auto industry, became an ontological coach. After years of practice, he made a breakthrough discovery: the missing key to mega-impact for his clients was “7th Dimensional Energy".

7th Dimensional Energy Healing Sessions help you accelerate healing, become grounded, focused, clear blocks, destress your mind, increase clarity, receive downloads; strengthen resilience and supercharge your productivity.  In 2017 alone, he facilitated this process for 3,000 people. This gave clients the clarity and insight and confidence to make clear and empowered choices. They stopped second-guessing themselves and were able to move forward in life and business, creating at levels far beyond what previously seemed possible. In 2013 Dan founded Earthstar 18, now renamed Infinite Beginnings.


Ellen Bristol, author of Fundraising the SMART Way and founder of Bristol Strategy Group

Bristol is the designer of the SMART Way methodology and developer of Leaky Bucket research surveys.

She is an authority on performance management, fundraising effectiveness, sales-force productivity. and capacity building in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors.
Sarai Johnson, founder, The Lean Nonprofit, author, "Leave in Love"
Sarai Johnson is a best-selling author, sought after speaker, creatrix coach, and CEO of Lean Nonprofit and Sarai has nearly two decades of experience managing businesses, nonprofits, people, projects, and as a creative entrepreneur. She earned her Master of Public Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Oregon, and certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Book Yourself Solid® Coaching, 200 RYT Yoga Alliance, and project management, among others, and is an Emerge Oregon alumna. 
Kristen Kennedy, Development Director, College of Education, University of Nevada at Reno

Kristen Kennedy has worked in fundraising for over a decade serving as Grant Writer for Habitat for Humanity of Missoula, Montana, Director of Development for the University of Nevada, Reno Colleges of Business, Liberal Arts, and Education, and Director of Resource Development at the Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows. Formerly, she was the Vice President of North American Operations for Principa. Kristen has degrees in International Affairs and Spanish from the University of Nevada, Reno and an MBA from the University of Montana. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Sierra Chapter. Kristen and her husband, Ben, have two boys.

Marjorie Fine, Consultant to social benefit organizations and grantmakers  

Marjorie has over twenty years of experience leading grantmaking institutions. She served for more than a decade (1993-2005) as Executive Director of the Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock, a national faith-based social justice grantmaker. Prior to her tenure at the Veatch Program, she was Executive Director of the North Star Fund, a public foundation serving the New York City progressive community.

She partnered with Grantcraft to produce a guide for funders entitled Funding Community Organizing: Social Change through Civic Participation. With the Center for Community Change, she researched and published Untapped: How Community Organizers Can Develop and Deepen Relationships with Major Donors, a downloadable free manual for organizers and development directors in both English and Spanish. With them she also co-produced an award winning book published by Josey-Bass entitled Change Philanthropy: Candid Stories of Foundations Maximizing Results through Social Justice.

Jon Wright, Director, Wright Approach Marketing

Wright Approach Marketing was set-up in 2012 to work in partnership with businesses and charities to help them deliver better results and become better at what they do. Jonathan combines a strong analytical mindset with a passion for working with the best people across different marketing disciplines to deliver the best results for his clients.

Prior to this, he spent 5 years working for Plan International Australia where he was responsible for introducing a number of initiatives such new regular giving products and an in-house face-to-face fundraising team, which helped to grow the active supporter base by 50% and increase public revenue from approx $17m in 2007 to over $25m in 2012.

Justin Handley, CEO, Pirate and Fox
Justin Handley is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Pirate & Fox, a marketing automation consulting firm, and Managed WP  a WordPress hosting & management company.  Justin started his career in nonprofits, working in an experimental theatre.  As well as becoming the musical director of the theatre and a traveling artist with their shows, he helped write grants, build websites, edit videos, and handled much of the technical side of the theatre.  
Over the last 20 years he has developed his technical expertise to a point where he has helped make tens of millions of dollars for hundreds of different companies by implementing powerful digital marketing strategies. He is also the co-founder of a nonprofit called Fin Camara Villa and still tours with his band Silvermouse.

Mazarine Treyz, CEO, Wild Woman Fundraising

Treyz is a nationally-recognized strategist for fundraising planning and communications. Author of over 12 e-courses, 3 masterclasses and 3 books, she has coached and taught over 12,000 nonprofit professionals how to be better fundraisers since 2010. She is the founder of the Nonprofit Leadership Summit and has a passion for creating better leaders.

Partners and clients include: AFP International, US Olympic Committee, Meals on Wheels National, GuideStar, VolunteerMatch, NetworkforGood, Association of Donor Relations Professionals,, Bloomerang, Blackbaud and many others.


Each attendee will also get:
All session recordings
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Webinar recording on Crucial Year End Giving Strategies- A sold out webinar when we did it for GuideStar!

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This 6 week comprehensive 
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Win-Win for the Greater Good by Bruce Burtch-

Your cross-sector partnership playbook!
What else will you get if you register for the Nonprofit Leadership Summit?
This 4 week comprehensive 
Fundraising Planning
E-Course worth $197

What people say about The Nonprofit Leadership Summit

Thanks for igniting my inner fire. I am re-energized and cannot wait to implement!

-Leslie Clay, CDO, Hope Cottage, Dallas,
This was phenomenally helpful! The fundraising plan guide came at the perfect time.

All the presentations at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit were great. I believe my fundraising will be most impacted by the major gifts strategies I learned in Jeff's presentation.

-Valerie Richardson, Director of Foundation and Development, Springfield Green Library Foundation, Springfield, MO

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Can I get CFRE Credits for this Summit?

25 CFRE credits have been approved!

Why did you create the Nonprofit Leadership Summit?

We created this summit because many nonprofits need help to go from a modest yearly budget to something more substantial. Whether you're just starting your monthly giving or major gifts program, or looking to start a capital campaign, we can help you start out on the right foot, or take your current program higher.

Who is running the Nonprofit Leadership Summit?

The Nonprofit Leadership Summit is run by a group of nonprofit leaders who saw a need for serious training to help struggling nonprofits overcome growth issues. The Summit concept was created by Mazarine Treyz, CEO of Wild Woman Fundraising.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can call 503-673-3863 or email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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 If you're a nonprofit founder, Executive Director or CEO who wants to make your vision a reality but you're not sure how to do it, you should come to the Nonprofit Leadership Summit.

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 If you're a nonprofit board member who wants to learn more about fundraising, you should definitely come to the Nonprofit Leadership Summit.

 If you've got a CFRE certification, and you need more credits to keep it current, you've GOTTA come to the Nonprofit Leadership Summit. We've working on CFRE credits, just for you! 

 When is the Nonprofit Leadership Summit?

Monday, September 24th, Wednesday September 26th and Friday September 26th, 2018. The sessions start at 8:00am PT each day and go until 4pm PT.

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 No, this is it. Register now! 

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I loved every single session; so much information and value. This by far the most exciting and fulfilling summit I have ever done.

The Nonprofit Leadership Summit was so worth it.

-Diane Hayes, Secretary of the Board, Breast Cancer Action, Ottawa, Canada 
90% of attendees liked the convenience of having it online, 

80% liked having the recordings, and

70% felt the presenters were top notch. 

96% of summit attendees in 2016 said they would  like to come again next year. Grab your seat now! 
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Dear [Boss],

Remember how we wanted to get more [earned income, planned giving donors, major donor meetings] this year?

I'd like to learn how to fundraise more effectively. Luckily, there's this nonprofit leadership summit where I can learn how to do it.

AND Good news: It's online! That means no airfare, meals, or hotel to pay for. SCORE!

Even more good news: It's got sessions from Ellen Bristol, author of Fundraising the SMART way, to help us measure what REALLY matters in our fundraising office, automation expert Justin Handley, who will help us work smarter, not harder, at our communications with donors, and Kristen Kennedy, a major gifts meetings master, who has helped nonprofits get millions from major donors.

This summit could really help us succeed in so many areas, and it won't require me to be out of the office. Plus it will all be recorded, so I can watch the sessions over and over again.

So what do you say? Shall we do this?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

[Your Name Goes Here]

P.S. I'd love to help us get more fundraising income in 2019 and this summit will help!